Hemp Oil EducationWe are on an educational mission here. There is so much confusion about hemp oil, cannabis oil and CBD oil, and most of it is caused because of carelessness in language.

We have looked at the other websites about hemp oil and cannabinoids, and realized that consumers were not being given specific enough information about the various cannabinoids. There is a mind-boggling tendency to point to CBD as the cure for everything, and it is greatly overstated to say the least.

Our goal is to be very specific – and back it up with studies. For example, everyone believes CBD will help them with sleep, when in fact it is CBN that may help you with sleep. If you buy CBD oil (instead of full spectrum hemp oil), you completely miss out on the correct active ingredient and waste your money.

Since we are dealing with a topic that is relatively new, with many studies just beginning – we believe it is important to cite which studies to date may have evidence of actual results. We believe that this is the rational starting point in researching whether some product may or may not help you.

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