Hemp Oil and The Entourage EffectHemp oil education is our number one mission. There is constant confusion between hemp oil, CBD oil and cannabis oil – and that doesn’t even factor in the confusion with legality.

Our goal is to ensure that readers understand the difference with each oil, the outright legality of hemp and hemp oil, the importance of ‘full spectrum hemp oil’, and the entourage effect.

The term ‘CBD oil’ is used indiscriminately and often wrongly cited by consumers and marketers as the ‘cure’ for many ailments – when in reality, full spectrum hemp oil is the optimal solution.

From the research conducted, the synergy of administering all of the cannabinoids – known as the entourage effect – is very real – and sadly lost under the false umbrella of ‘CBD’ in the marketing world and in discussions at water coolers. We aim to correct this misinformation.

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